How to actually use those Points you’re racking up.

The only thing between you and YOUR rewards are these three steps.

You’ve joined Velocity Frequent Flyer but you’re not quite sure how you can start reaping the rewards? We’re here to help.

Here’s an easy guide for exchanging your Velocity Points for the things you want. First up: decide on your reward of choice. A Reward Seat? Sure. An upgrade? Nice. Money off your fuel purchase or the latest gadget on the Velocity Rewards Store? No worries. Once you’ve done this, the rest is easy.

Step 1: Choose your reward

So your Velocity Points balance is burning a hole in your pocket, but you’re not sure what to spend it on?

Well, that’s a pretty awesome problem to have. And the good thing is there’s plenty to choose from, with everything from flights (yes, the dream), accommodation and car hire, to sports gear, gift vouchers and even money off your fuel purchase. You can even redeem Velocity Points for a Seven-Night Package staying on Necker Island via the Velocity Rewards Store. The choice is yours.  

And with a Velocity Points balance that’s basically rewarding you for the things you’re probably doing anyway, no-one will blame you if you buy something that’s not absolutely essential – like this giant inflatable unicorn

Step 2: Check your balance

Picked your reward? Good. Next, double check that your Velocity Points balance will cover the cost of said desired reward. The toaster, for example, may cost you roughly 22,000 Velocity Points.

If you’re not quite there, there are heaps of ways to give your Points balance a gentle nudge. You can apply for a Velocity Points earning credit card*, transfer your flybuys points to your Velocity account^, or take a flight. Or if you’re tantalisingly close and want that unicorn now, buy up to 50% of your Velocity Points balance with Velocity Points Booster to reach your reward faster.

Step 3: Make it happen

And now to the fun bit. Head to the redemption section on the Velocity website, flex your clicking finger and get ready to use those Velocity Points.

Depending on which reward you’ve chosen, you might be redirected to another site – like Velocity Hotels, or Onsport, so make sure you have your Velocity membership number on hand and enter it when prompted.

And that’s pretty much it. Enjoy eating those eggs on toast, or tending to your sprouting Mushrooms, or both at the same time – whatever floats your boat.

Because, quite literally, you’ve earnt it.