New around here? Welcome. 

3 quick things. Fast track your way to being an all-round velocity legend.

Welcome to Velocity! You look like a new face around here, but don’t worry – learning how to use our program is easier than learning how to use your tablet (or schooling someone else on how to use a tablet).

Think about the things you’ve done already today – bought some groceries, paid a phone bill on your credit card, filled up the car with fuel, maybe even grabbed some wine on the way home? They could have earned you Velocity Points. Because we give you Points for both the awesome and the everyday stuff you already do.

Here are three pieces of info that’ll get you well on your way to being a verified Velocity Points pro and all-round Velocity legend.

1. The difference between Points and Status Credits

So, here’s the deal: Velocity Points are the things you earn from interacting with our whole program. Think of them like their own currency, with plenty of easy ways to both earn and redeem them.

Status Credits, however, are primarily earned when you fly, and they’re the things that give you Velocity Status and its associated benefits. Velocity has three levels of membership above entry level and the Status Credits you earn are used to determine your Velocity tier: Silver (pretty good), Gold (very, very good), and Platinum (amazingly good). Platinum and Gold members get some seriously epic perks, like access to more than 150 airport lounges around the world and the ability to sidestep the queues with Priority Check-in, Priority Screening at selected airports, and Priority Boarding. It gets even better too, because it’s almost exponential – the higher your membership level, the greater the benefits you’ll receive, so once you taste life on the higher end of the Status Credits scale, you won’t want to go back. If Status is your aim, make sure you fly often and don’t forget to add your Velocity membership number to your booking. Oh, and download the Velocity App to easily track your Status Credits on the go. 

And if you’re after a tip for a Status Credit top up, check out the flybuys partner page. You can earn up to 120 Status Credits a year shopping at Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor*.

2. Earning and using Velocity Points for rewards are two very different things

Think of it like earning and spending money, except earning Velocity Points is much easier than earning money. Almost too easy, to be honest. You can do it flying, by buying things with a credit card, staying in a hotel, grocery shopping with flybuys, buying fuel, or doing most of the things you already do in your life.

Using Velocity Points is the fun part – it’s where you “cash in” your Velocity Points for rewards. Yes, this can mean flights, upgrades and holidays, but you can also use your Velocity Points for other things like vouchers, Apple products, Bose headphones, travel luggage, Johnnie Walker … all of which are available at the Velocity Rewards Store.

3. You can use your Velocity Points for overseas flights using Virgin Australia's global network of airline partners

We could list all our world-class airline partners here, or we could list all of the 600+ destinations worldwide we, or they can take you to, but we have word counts, and we have a feeling you already know where you might like to go. 

Have you thought about partying in Berlin? Seeing the Northern Lights? Taking a special person to Paris? When it comes to using Velocity Points, you can pretty much point to a place on a map and go there (or close enough).

Here's the legal stuff you might want to know

The Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply.