Here at Velocity HQ, we’re not against a bit of banter – some wordplay around the water cooler, a pun or two at the printer – but when it comes to our frequent flyer program, we prefer to tell it straight.

We’ve heard a few tall tales in our time, so we’ve decided to write this article to clear up any confusion and debunk some of the myths we’ve heard about our frequent flyer program.

We even had our legal team check it before we hit publish, so you know it’s legit. 

Myth 1: You need to fly to be a member

Nope. Absolutely anyone can open a Velocity Frequent Flyer account (provided you reside in Aus, NZ or the Pacific Islands) – even your kids can! And while it’s true that flying earns you Velocity Points, so too do a whole lot of everyday activities, from paying your mobile bill to working out - or even drinking wine (yes, really!).

You could be bathing in Velocity Points without ever having been on a plane before in your life – although, we really recommend you do try it. Get a window seat. The views are phenomenal.

Myth 2: Your Velocity Points expire before you can use them

Untrue. In actual fact, your Velocity Points only expire when your account is inactive – meaning you don’t add to or cash in your Velocity Points – for 24 months. Considering you can earn and redeem Velocity Points by flying (with us or our partner airlines), credit cards, online shopping or transferring existing points over from other partner loyalty programs, having an inactive account is a pretty tough task, unless you go on a two-year-long expedition to Antarctica.

Myth 3: You can’t earn Velocity Points on overseas flights

Fly overseas a lot? Our network of global airline partners (including Singapore Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways and more) means you can earn Velocity Points and Status Credits flying domestically and internationally when you travel with us or them (on eligible fares of course). Want to turn your trip to Paris into Velocity Points? Easy. Want some Status Credits on your way to San Francisco? Sure. Just make sure you remember to always add your Velocity membership number to your booking. You can also easily track your Status Credits on the go with the Velocity App

Myth 4: It takes ages to earn Velocity Points

False. Once you open your Velocity Frequent Flyer account, there are plenty of ways to kick back and watch your Velocity Points pile up. Flying, of course, is a great way to earn Velocity Points, so always make sure you add your Velocity number to any eligible flights you take for work or pleasure. Checking out one of our Velocity Points earning credit cards could also come with a hefty Velocity Points boost and could earn you a number of Velocity Points just for taking up the card (depending on the offer and the terms and conditions of course). Plus, you continue to earn Velocity Points on your everyday spend^. 

That said, we think the best way to grow your Velocity Points balance is by making incremental changes throughout your day or earning Points doing the things you already do. For example, make sure your flybuys card is linked to your Velocity account** so you can easily transfer the flybuys points you’ve earned on your everyday essentials (did someone say Points for purchasing toilet paper?) to Velocity, order a case of wine, get your online shopping fix…You’ll be surprised how quickly it can all add up – and that’s a fact.