Your photos, your emails, your extensive food delivery and dating history; you store pretty much everything on your smartphone. Now you can also add your Velocity digital card to your digital wallet (making it officially lose-proof, too… unless you lose your phone). Yep, the future is well and truly here.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to downloading your Velocity digital card, and some situations where it’ll come in handy.

Okay, so what is it?

It’s super simple – basically, it’s a digitised version of your Velocity membership card (the version without Global Wallet® on the back). It’s another way to collect and store your Velocity Points and Status Credits as a Velocity Frequent Flyer, but minus the plastic. Your Velocity digital card can show you your live Velocity Points balance, will update you as you progress through the Status membership levels, and can be used by Platinum Velocity and Gold Velocity members for Lounge access. It’s very handy.

Why should you download it?

Look, what’s the point in earning benefits and rewards if you can’t easily access your membership number when you need it? By downloading the Velocity digital card and storing it in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay, you don’t have to worry about rummaging through your wallet or bag every time you need to pull up your digits or want to check how many Points and Status Credits you’re sitting on.

How do I download it?

First, sign into your Velocity Frequent Flyer account and head to your dashboard. Click ‘Digital Membership Card’ in the quick links section at the top.


To add your digital card to your Apple Wallet:

  1. Add your mobile number (Australia only, sorry guys) in the prompt box.
  2. You’ll get a text to that number with a link. If you see a failure message on screen, check your mobile number is correct and try again.
  3. Follow the link sent to your phone and complete the registration process to add your digital card to your Apple Wallet. To maintain your security, you’ll need to sign in to your Velocity Frequent Flyer account. You’re done!

To add your digital card to Google Pay:

  1. Select the ‘Save to Pay’ button to begin the digital Velocity membership card registration. If you don’t already have the Google Pay app installed on your phone, you can download it from Google Play.
  2. When prompted, sign into your Google account.
  3. Once signed in, select ‘Save to Pay’ within the Google Pay app to complete the registration process. You’re done!