'Velocity Queen' Simone turns her everyday spend into Business Class flights. 

Her advice? Spend smarter.

“Perseverance pays off” may sound like something your nan would say over afternoon tea, but in the case of Simone Azzi and her daughter Layla, it’s literally true. Through a genuinely cute Insta moment, the ‘Velocity Queen’ and her daughter went from royalty to certified Earnbassadors, pulling in 40,000 bonus Velocity Points.  

Making the most of everyday spend

The nickname may sound like a big call, but Simone’s friends really do call her the ‘Velocity Queen’, and with good reason.

As Simone says herself, “I do everything that I possibly can to earn big Points.” From using a Velocity Visa credit card and shopping on the Velocity eStore (paying particular attention to bonus Points offers), to filling up with fuel at BP and linking flybuysMedibank and Energy Australia to Velocity – Simone has set herself up to maximise Points on every dollar she spends. Her philosophy is, “I need to spend the money anyway. I may as well spend it smarter.”

Any time Simone needs to purchase something, she checks the Velocity site and list of partners to find the best way to go about it. For a start, the family only flies Virgin, she buys Virgin Wine for dinner with friends and client gifts, and if she’s out for a work function she will always pay on her card to collect the Velocity Points (which is a power move everyone should learn). This dedication to savvy shopping might sound elaborate, but Simone says, “It's just about getting into that habit. It’s really easy.”

From buying things to Business Class

Just by staying on top of her Points, Simone has flown her family to three overseas holidays (New York twice and Dubai once) by booking Velocity Business Class Rewards Seats (yes, even her kids fly in style).

These trips have definitely been stand-outs for Simone. “It's just made them so much more comfortable and memorable,” she says. “You get to use the beautiful Business Class lounges, and the service from the staff on Virgin – it's just amazing.”

Raising #Earnbassadors

It’s no coincidence that Simone’s devout Point earning rubbed off on her daughter, Layla. The Velocity Princess (it’s only fitting if her mum is queen) loves it when the self-checkout at Coles says, “If you have a flybuys card, please scan it at any time.”

Simone filmed Layla repeating the line in the car after shopping, and coincidentally the Earnbassadors campaign launched soon after. The video was perfect for the occasion (not to mention extremely cute) and posting it to Instagram netted Simone and Layla 40,000 Velocity points.

Simone and Layla may have been the earners, but Simone says they will use the Velocity Points to treat the whole family (mum, dad and two kids) to a big holiday this year.