How a celebratory catch-up contributed to her next holiday.

A tale of two friends getting through a tough time. 

With its ups, downs, twists and turns, life has a way of throwing you surprises. Someone who knows this well is Sarah. Her recent Earnbassador Instagram post about an interstate catch-up with a dear friend to support each other as they both conquered breast cancer nabbed her a share of millions of Velocity Points. Cause for celebration a few times over, if you ask us.

Turning work travel into a much-needed catch-up

While some Velocity members grab Points at every opportunity – from fuel to credit cards to groceries – Sarah has earned most of hers through business trips. Like an alchemist, she’s turned hard work into easy leisure.

How did it all come about?

“I started going back and forth to Adelaide, but then I also started travelling a little bit for conferences for work,” Sarah says. Although the flights were charged to her workplace, Sarah was able to earn Points by attaching her Velocity membership number to the bookings.  

Sarah likes to redeem her hard-earned work Points on Velocity Reward Seats, and she put them to use when she jumped on a Virgin Australia flight from her hometown Melbourne to Adelaide for one of her regular meet-ups with her friend Ginta.

A tale of two friends – Earnbassador-style

More than a story of friendship, Sarah and Ginta’s relationship includes a challenging coincidence – the kind of thing that brings two close friends only closer. “My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer just after her 50th birthday,” says Sarah. “Because of that, I actually went and had an early mammogram myself, and I was diagnosed with a much earlier form of breast cancer.”

They both underwent and finished treatment within a similar timeframe. At the end of a tough and traumatic period, taking time to mark the occasion and celebrate with your friend sounds – to us – like the perfect use for redeeming Points.

When Sarah met up with Ginta is Adelaide, she snapped a lovely moment with a couple of delicious margaritas to toast the occasion – ole! – and tagged @velocityfrequentflyer with hashtag #earnbassador.    

“My treatment ended months earlier than Ginta’s. I was able to go and spend those last couple of weeks with her while she was recovering from the end of her treatment,” says Sarah. “Her family were actually away, so it was some lovely time with just her and I.”

And life’s adventures keep on coming…

And with a scroll through an Instagram feed and the tap of a love heart emoji on a great story, 5,000 Velocity Points were coming Sarah’s way. And how will she use them?

“I haven’t decided how to use the Points yet, but it’s lovely to know they’re there to use any time I want,” says Sarah. “I don’t think I’ll use them to go to Adelaide. I think my hubby and I might go somewhere different, somewhere new we haven’t been.”