How Russell turns online shopping into business upgrades.

Savvy shopping + Bonus Points = A touch of luxury.

When Englishman Russell moved to Australia, he made pretty quick business of joining Velocity Frequent Flyer. And while his mates back in the UK aren’t big on rewards points, after moving Down Under he dived right in, taking special care to ensure he is rewarded for the money he’s spending. To top it off, he’s recently been crowned the lofty title of Earnbassador for showing off the way he collects and redeems Velocity Points on Instagram.

From online shopping…

Looking to get the most from the dollars he spends, Russell accumulates Velocity Points mostly through online shopping. Whether buying Christmas gifts, some fresh threads, or even a takeaway dinner, Russell never misses a beat, topping up with Points at every opportunity.

He sorted all of his Christmas shopping for his family and friends through the Velocity eStore, and he loves picking up a new outfit or two online. He doesn’t really like going shopping in real life, so ordering clothes from shops like ASOS via the eStore suited his style to a tee (yes, pun intended). “Doing everything online and getting extra Points for it is amazing,” says Russell.

Racking up Points online is helpful for more than gifts and clothes. He and his partner work shifts at various hours, so ordering food on Menulog through the eStore is a convenient way to not only grab tasty dinners when time poor, but also score Points in the process.

Russell’s number one earning tip? Keeps your eyes wide open for bonus Velocity Points offers on the eStore – like five or ten Points per dollar spent, instead of one. They can really pile up quickly.

… to Business Class upgrades

With travel around Australia and long-haul flights to visit home both regular occurrences, Russell’s favourite way to redeem his Velocity Points is on Business Class upgrades with Virgin and its airline partners. In fact, he’s recently returned from a pretty special birthday trip to WA.

“When we flew to Perth, my partner used his Points and we got an upgrade to Business, and that was lovely on Virgin. The food was excellent,” he says.

And he often deploys a little-known tactic we all can use too: using Points Booster to top up your balance when you’re a fraction short just to get ‘that’ flight or seat upgrade.

And how about that Earnbassador Instagram post?

“I do things with my Points, so I just thought ‘Oh let's give it a try.’ It sounded like fun as well,” says Russell.

His can-do attitude won him a handy Velocity Points top-up for his next trip. He plans to combine them with his existing balance and put them towards a Business Class upgrade on an upcoming trip to the south of France to visit his best friend. Très bon!