Earnbassadors jules and josie are broome-bound - and all on velocity points.

How flybuys, fuel and a Facebook post are getting them there.

Sometimes, you’re just in the right place at the right time. And for Sydney-based Velocity member Jules, 5pm one Friday turned out to be exactly that sweet spot. Because pinging direct into her inbox was an email offering a share of millions of Velocity Points for becoming an Earnbassador.

Jules has been racking up Velocity Points for over a decade. She does all her spending on her Virgin Australia High Flyer credit card (cha-ching!), fills up (on petrol and Points) at BP, and transforms her weekly shop into Velocity Points with a quick swipe of her flybuys card.

Jules loves to redeem her Points on travel. So far, Jules’ Points have taken her to Byron Bay’s legendary Bluesfest. Then, on an even more legendary trip to New York with her daughter Josie, who was in the Big Apple representing Australia at an exhibition for artists with Down syndrome.

In fact, you could call Jules something of a Points pro. But this Earnbassadors thing was new ground when it came to taking to the skies. This was an instant win offer that could help cover the next dream trip. And all Jules had to do was to come up with a creative way to promote the Velocity program on social media.

Sweeping up – #Earnbassador-style

Orchestrating the swiftest of team efforts (Jules on photography, her son on wordsmithery and Josie front-and-centre), the trio whipped up this post and tagged @velocityfrequentflyer and #earnbassador.

Et voilà. As if by magic (or maybe witchcraft), Jules won 50,000 Points for her post. And, it turns out, the timing couldn’t have been better.

 “I actually had Broome on the brain that day, because we're going there in May for my 60th birthday,” says Jules. “I was trying to see if I had enough points for my husband, myself, and my son and daughter. As I was working through all this and thinking about it, [the Earnbassadors] competition popped up.”

And to top the trip off…

“The main reason why we collect Points is my Josie’s an artist, so we like to travel around a lot and get her inspiration to paint, because she's got this thing – she'll only paint places that she's visited,” says Jules. “She's quite big on painting Australian landscapes, so we've been to a lot of places for her to get subjects to paint. I've never been to WA, so going to Broome – that'll give her some good painting subjects, I'm sure, with the beautiful colours up there.”