Bali beckons for earnbassadord Coral and Joe - And points are getting them there.

How an Insta post about filling up at BP sparked their upcoming holiday. 

The saying goes: a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Or perhaps a single Instagram post, if you’re Velocity members Coral and Joe. Both are big fans of travel, and they’ve accumulated Velocity Points one step at a time for a long time. “Every little bit counts,” Coral says. But one day they took a giant leap when their Instagram post boosted their balance by a whopping 100,000 Velocity Points and made them verified Earnbassadors.

Earning everyday

On their way to scoring big and becoming Earnbassadors, Coral and Joe have earned Points a few different ways, like swiping their card when they fill up with fuel at BP or with regular Virgin flights. In fact, Coral and Joe are Virgin Australia devotees, choosing the airline every time they fly.

They’ve also mastered the art of “double-dipping” at BP – using a Velocity Points-earning credit card while also bagging Points on their fuel. Cha-ching! And they’re big fans of using their balance to get a discount on fuel because the benefit to the wallet is immediate.

“I get instant satisfaction,” says Coral.

So, whether it’s with flights or fuel, Coral loves racking up the Points as much as possible.

“I know a lot of people don't particularly understand the true value of loyalty points in various programs. And many people think they don't want to be part of it because they can't be bothered. But if they actually were bothered, they'd find it's a nice little source of income,” Coral says.

How they earned Points during the #earnbassadors promotion

Coral and Joe enlisted their daughter to help produce the post that bagged them 100K Points. And with cast and crew assembled and a stellar script ready, they created their Earnbassador movie with a Hollywood-esque deftness.

“I said to my daughter, ‘Look at this, I'm a Velocity member and do you think we could do something?’ And my husband and I worked together, and my daughter did the photograph with her iPhone. And we've put this together about being Earnbassadors, and we had great fun working with our daughter and doing this together. It was a lot of fun just to produce it. We were like a mini Steven Spielberg.”

More than scoring Velocity Points, Coral and Joe also gained some priceless family bonding.

“Just the experience of doing this with our daughter was a lot of fun. So whether we won Points or we didn’t, we were rewarded by spending fun time with our daughter.”

And the icing on the cake: a dream holiday…

We loved Coral and Joe’s post promoting our program, so we went ahead and promoted their Velocity Points balance. The result?

“We won 100,000 points. It was a nice amount,” Carol says. “And we actually had a few Points in the account, so that got us two return tickets to Bali.”