Say hello to Simone, Russell, Coral, Jules and Sarah.

Now, learn from them.

The Earnbassador program launched with a pretty simple premise: you promote our program, and we might just promote your Velocity Points balance. That way, the very people who use and love Velocity Frequent Flyer (that’s you, our members) can be the ones to help us spread the word about it. And – if your post is creative enough to impress us – we’ll reward you with the things you love the most. (That’s Velocity Points.)

We’re pleased to introduce you to five of our Earnbassador heroes who have turned social media posts into Velocity Points, and are turning those Velocity Points into rewards like dream holidays. 

Meet Jules and Josie

When it comes to collecting Velocity Points, Jules is a pro. She’s spent over a decade earning in just about every way possible – from fuel to credit cards to grocery shopping.

In the past, she’s enjoyed a trip to the Byron Bay Bluesfest, and further abroad to new York city with her daughter Josie, who was featured in an exhibition of works by artists with Down syndrome. This was all courtesy of dipping into her Points-pool.

A true Earnbassador by nature, Jules recruited her family to pitch in on an entry as soon as the comp was announced. Jules snapped a photo of her daughter, Josie, while her son provided the accompanying caption. That very evening, she learned she was the lucky winner of 50,000 Points.

The timing couldn’t have been better, as the family had been planning a trip to Broome to celebrate Jules’ 60th birthday. Now, they can ring in the milestone in style – as the Velocity Points will cover flights for the whole fam for the one remaining flight they had to book.

Meet Simone and Layla

Simone’s friends call her the ‘Velocity queen’, and with good reason. She does everything she can to earn Velocity Points, and tries to make sure she earns three to four Points for every dollar she spends. We’re pretty sure that qualifies her for rewards-royalty status.

Her secret? Well, there isn’t just one. The self-described ‘Points tragic’ is a savvy shopper who only ever fills up at BP, uses an American Express Velocity Platinum Card, and takes advantage of the Velocity eStore to nab extra Points on purchases. (For the record, she’s a big fan of Country Road.)

It was Simone’s daughter Layla, Points-princess and natural heir to the throne, who sparked the Earnbassador post that scored the family 40,000 Points. The intrepid self-checkout fan is no stranger to flybuys, and likes to remind Mum to maximise her earn every time they’re in Coles (it seems that Points-savviness is a genetic trait). 

Simone, her husband, and their two kids plan to reap the rewards of their bonus Points in the form of a big family trip this year.

Meet Russell

Russell hails from the UK, where the airlines are plenty and the points programs are scarce. When he moved to Australia, he was quick to jump on board with Velocity.

He uses regular trips back home as an opportunity to rack up Velocity Points (and uses his existing balance on upgrades to make that long, long flight a dream). Russell is also an enthusiastic eStore shopper – ordering everything from Christmas gifts to Menulog delivery (Points for pizza!) through the Velocity portal, and he keeps his eyes peeled for bonus offers that help him earn big. So far, he’s used his Points primarily for upgrades. In fact, just a few weeks ago Russell and his partner used some of their balance for a luxe-upgrade to Business Class seats on a birthday trip to Perth.

Russell’s Points-earning Earnbassador effort was inspired by the fond memories of previous trips he’s made thanks to Velocity (it’s the circle of Points). As for the bonus 3,000 Points nestled in his account, he plans to use those to combine with his current Points balance and fly Business Class on an upcoming holiday to the South of France to visit his best friend. C'est magnifique!

Meet Coral and Joe

Coral and Joe have been together for over half a century, and these lovebirds have spent a lot of that time travelling the world together (#CoupleGoals).

Coral religiously fills up on petrol at BP, and uses her Velocity-Co-branded credit card to pay for the purchases – accruing Points twice in the process. In fact, this ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to Points has been so effective for the pair that they made a video showcasing how easy it is to earn big (with a little help from their daughter) – netting themselves 100,000 extra Velocity Points in the process.

Normally, the couple redeem their Points on fuel discounts – but with an injection that big in their account, they’ve decided to splurge on return flights to Bali.

Meet Sarah

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sarah, who has managed to amass a considerable amount of Points by flying back and forth across Australia for work.

Sarah’s touching post was dedicated to her best friend of 30 years, Ginta. Ginta had been diagnosed with breast cancer, prompting Sarah to get a mammogram that revealed that she too had an early form of breast cancer. Upon completing surgical treatment, Sarah used her Velocity Points on a flight to visit her friend and support her through her final weeks of her chemotherapy. The image she shared captures the two friends enjoying a (much deserved) celebratory margarita, and catching up on some quality time.

Sarah doesn’t quite know what she’s going to put her Points toward just yet, but she’s planning on exploring a new travel destination with her husband sometime in the near future.