If you're going to spend money anyway, you may as well earn Velocity Points.

Delightful as it would be for us to have you on board our planes all the time, we know that most people spend more time in the car than the cabin.

You can easily turn eligible everyday purchases and payments like bills, groceries, fuel or even your Friday night drinks into Points using a Velocity Points earning credit card.

So, if taking to the skies using Points is on the agenda (or even using your Points to holiday closer to home with our hotel and car partners), you could be on the way faster than you can say ‘‘Get me on the beach now’. Here’s how.

Velocity Points earning credit cards

When you spend with our Velocity Points earning credit card1 you can earn Velocity Points for the things you pay for. You don’t have to do a thing – the Points will appear automatically in your Velocity account each month. Just sit back and let your spending earn you rewards. That’s not a bad result, considering you’re probably just picking up the things you need anyway.

Here are some of the easiest ways to make sure you’re getting all the Velocity Points you should be:

1.     Use your Velocity Points earning credit card on everrrrrything

From your morning coffee and the supermarket shop to full-on holiday splurges…the Velocity Points will stack up fast. And, to really maximise your Points earn potential, add your partner as an additional cardholder to earn Points for all their purchases too. 

2.     Set up all your direct debits on your card

Make sure things like your mobile phone, broadband, Netflix and gym subscription all earn you Velocity Points

3.     Add your card to your phone’s digital wallet

That way it’s even easier to use your card just by tapping your phone. Whether you’re Android or Apple, it’s really quick to set up. 

4.     Even better, earn Points twice with Velocity partners

You can earn Points once with the partner and once with your card as the payment method. We call this awesome feature double dipping. For example, use your card when you book an eligible Virgin Australia flight2 or shop online with the Velocity e-Store3, and you’ll be surprised how quickly the Velocity Points build up. By using your Velocity Points earning credit card as the form of payment, you can earn two lots of Velocity Points for a single eligible purchase.

Make sure you update your account preferences within your My Velocity so you don’t miss out on tailored offers and opportunities to earn even more rewards.

There are some other amazing perks, too. Some of our Velocity Points earning credit cards come with a Virgin Australia gift voucher, a complimentary return domestic flight or lounge passes. The best way to keep up with our latest credit card offers is to check out the Member Offers page[ED1]  on the Velocity website.

You can also transfer reward points from an eligible credit card

To transfer existing credit card reward points to your Velocity account, just check and see if your card is eligible. If it is, you can – and should – transfer your points to Velocity today so you can redeem them for that dream holiday.

We’re partnered with many major credit and charge card providers, and it’s flexible, so you can decide when to transfer to Velocity. You can also set up auto redemption with some partners so you have less life admin to deal with and more time to think about your next Velocity Points-funded travel itinerary.

Here's the legal stuff you might want to know

The Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply. 

Velocity Points earning credit cards include American Express Velocity Platinum, Escape & Business cards; Virgin Money Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer and Flyer cards; Bank of Queensland Specialist Velocity Signature & Platinum cards; and Westpac Altitude Platinum and Altitude Black American Express and Mastercard Credit Cards.”

1The earning of Points is subject to the Velocity Points earning Card partner Terms and Conditions and the Velocity membership Terms and Conditions. For full details on applicable terms and conditions to the earning of Points using your Velocity Points earning Card, including applicable standard Points earn rates, eligible purchases and exclusions, please refer to your applicable Velocity Points earning Card partner Terms and Conditions. 

2Not all flights are eligible for points earn.

3Not all items purchased through the Velocity e-Store are eligible for Points earn. See the individual retailer purchase conditions available on the individual retailers’ page on the Velocity e-Store website for full details of any exclusions. Once you enter the retailer’s online store, the retailer’s Terms and Conditions will apply. View full Velocity e-Store Terms and Conditions.