Your fuel could get you flying.

You might not be able to drive to your dream destination, but it can help.

Good news! If you’ve always wanted to ascend the Eiffel Tower, but have never been able to scrape together enough funds for the flight, you can now drive yourself there instead.

Well, kind of…

What we actually mean is that by filling up your car (and stocking up on those essential car journey snacks) at participating BP service stations, you could earn yourself a truckload of Velocity Points. And we all know you can redeem those Velocity Points for flights (if you don’t, check out this article). So, if you drive to – or even better, for – work, love a weekend road trip, or usually hire a car to do some exploring while you’re on holiday, then this is one of the easiest, everyday ways of kicking your Velocity Points balance into gear. 

How to earn with BP

It actually couldn’t be easier. Just fill your tank up as normal, head inside to pay and remember to swipe your Velocity membership card before you hand over your monies. We suggest keeping it in your wallet or car so you never forget to take it with you when you fill up. 

You’ll earn 2 Velocity Points per litre of fuel (up to 150 litres: heads up monster truck drivers), plus, you’ll get 2 Velocity Points for every dollar spent in-store on eligible purchases, up to $100*. So, if you accidentally-on-purpose find yourself with a basket full of lollies, chips and chocolate, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just don’t tell your dentist.

Even better, if you pay for your fuel on a Velocity Points earning credit card or partner credit card, you can ‘double dip’ and earn Velocity Points twice on the one purchase (once with BP and again on your card), like some kind of Points ninja. For the latest on BP, make sure you’ve got our Member Offers page bookmarked.

No Velocity card? No problem.

If you don’t happen to have your membership card on you (either because you’re new to the program and your card hasn’t arrived yet or you’re just plain forgetful), you can use a BP temporary card in the meantime. Pick one up in-store, give it a scan before paying for your haul and then remember to register the temp card to your Velocity account within 30 days so we can credit your account with your Velocity Points. If you’ve lost your membership card (it’s okay, it happens) you can request a new one.

Paying with Points

If flights aren’t your thing and you’d prefer to keep your feet on the ground, you can always put your Velocity Points towards your fuel spend instead. 

You’ll need to set up a Velocity PIN for your account and select an In-Store Redemption Option between $10 and $60. This means that whenever you spend that amount on eligible purchases in a participating BP stores and swipe your Velocity membership card, you’ll be given the option to pay with Velocity Points instead, or a mix of both Points and cash. 

Enter your Velocity PIN, pay any leftover balance and you’re done. Then walk away with the kind of swagger that only comes from scoring a freebie.

P.S. You can change your In-Store Redemption Option whenever you like – just log in to your Velocity account and navigate to the Pay With Points In-Store page.