Even more ways to get the most out of our program.

Nailed the basics? Here are some pro tips for boosting your Velocity Points balance.

We know you’re probably a seasoned, savvy Velocity member who knows our airline partners by heart, knows to always add your membership number to bookings and knows to never travel overseas without your Global Wallet® enabled Velocity membership card*.

But. there might still be a few things you don’t know when it comes to playing the Velocity Points game. So, if you haven’t heard of double dipping, we suggest you read on.

Here are three sneaky Velocity hacks to help you take your smarts to new heights. (Note: There are a few more, but if we spilled them all, we’d have to get more planes for all those Reward Seats we’d be giving away…).

1. Double dip with our partners

What could be a better hack than making your purchase work twice as hard?

Let us paint you a picture. You book part of your trip – like flights, accommodation, car hire or insurance – through one of our partners and you use your Velocity Points earning credit card or Global Wallet® to pay for it. Now, these are things you probably already do, just not necessarily together on the same transaction, right?

But this way, when you log into your Velocity account – winner! – you’ve been rewarded twice over. It’s like all (okay, two) of your Christmases have come at once.

There are loads of ways you can double dip on the day-to-day stuff you charge to your Velocity Points earning credit card: doing your weekly Coles grocery shop, for example^^ – just make sure you scan your flybuys card when you go through the checkout, pay with your Velocity Points earning card and then transfer your flybuys points to Velocity.  

The Velocity Points you can earn vary from partner to partner, but rest assured you’ll earn Points twice on the same transaction.

2. Transfer your existing loyalty program points

Look, we know it might be slightly hypocritical given they’re called ‘loyalty’ programs, but there’s nothing to stop you shifting reward scheme points from flybuys^^, our partner hotel loyalty programs and potentially even your everyday credit card over to Velocity.

In fact, everyone wants in on the action. So much so, we’ve even teamed up with Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer to set up the only frequent flyer partnership in Australia that lets you transfer points between programs.

You can move points over from any of our partner programs whenever you like, or some allow you to set up what we call “Auto Redemption” to transfer points to your Velocity account on a regular basis (so you can just set and forget). We also occasionally run limited-time transfer bonus offers, where we’ll give you an extra percentage of Velocity Points on top of those you’re transferring over. So, time it right, and you could turbo-boost your Velocity Points balance.

3. Keep an eye out for American Express Velocity Platinum Card offers

If you’re signed up to an American Express Velocity Platinum Card, you’re probably already aware it’s home to some cushy benefits designed specifically to help you maintain a healthy Velocity Points balance. Alongside its stellar introductory bonus Point offer, American Express is also known for pushing out referral campaigns that practically shower you in Velocity Points if one of your friends applies and is approved for the Velocity Points earning credit card via your bespoke referral link.

  • The Velocity Membership Terms and Conditions apply. *Velocity Rewards Pty Ltd ACN 116 089 448 acts as authorised representative of Rêv Australia Pty Ltd ACN 117 378 953 AFSL 401610. Rêv Australia Pty Ltd is the distributor and manages the Velocity Global Wallet® Visa Prepaid product for Cuscal Ltd ACN 087 822 455 AFSL 244116. Cuscal Ltd is the issuer of the product. Any advice is general advice that does not take account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Read the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision and consider whether the product is right for you. The product is available only to Australian resident Velocity Frequent Flyer members.